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As you know, looking for home medical equipment can be stressful; after-all, it’s not like shopping for a new suit, golf clubs, fab shoes or a relaxing getaway. You’re shopping because there’s a genuine need. At Mobül, our goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety and to return some fun and freedom to your life. Whether your situation is temporary and you only need medical equipment for rent, or it’s an ongoing concern, Mobül can help.

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Did you know our Golden lift chairs take you to a 70% standing position with the push of a button? Pretty amazing, right? Lift chairs also can help prevent back injury for both the person using the chair—no more flopping back into your chair—and for the person helping you out of the chair. It’s a win-win!


Take one of our mobility scooters for a trial spin to see how it will work for you or a loved one. Power scooters truly can be transforming, allowing greater independence and freedom.


It’s well known that most home accidents occur in the bathroom, making bath safety critical. From basic to bold, there are dozens of attractive options to make your bathroom safe and functional. Win-win again! (And if that’s not enough to reduce your stress, check-out our selection of blood pressure monitors too.)


Lack of quality sleep exacerbates a multitude of problems and can increase both stress and anxiety. Getting into and out of bed and enjoying a comfortable night’s rest isn’t always easy. And a lack of quality sleep has a huge impact on health, not to mention it makes people cranky which is stressful for everyone! Adjustable beds, swivel trays and bed canes can go a long way toward facing the day renewed. Win-win again!



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