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Access: In And Out Of The House

Access: In and Out of the House

Changes in Mobility
When mobility changes in one area, it often impacts other parts of your life. If a transport or wheelchair is needed, you’ll need easy access in and out of the house. A ramp—portable, permanent, or custom—can make access much simpler whether you’re free-wheeling yourself or for the companion who is pushing the chair. Even a small threshold ramp can make access easier.

Is Balance An Issue?
Perhaps balance has become a bit of an issue. Consider handrails both inside and outside the home. The extra support and security provided by handrails can be the difference between remaining upright and a fall. If you’re concerned that handrails could mar the appearance of your home, no need. Many attractive rails are now available that mesh with the overall aesthetic rather than screaming, “Someone who lives here needs assistance.”

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