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Bedroom Safety

Bedroom Safety

There’s a host of reasons the bedroom may suddenly seem more like a danger zone than a welcoming haven at the end of the day. Whatever the reason, there are definitely ways to remedy the situation.

Fear of Falling?

If someone is at risk of falling out of bed, a bedrail is in order. Fortunately, options are available that don’t look institutional or juvenile and are multi-functional including features such as tray tables and bed canes to provide extra support while getting in and out of bed, all while looking smart. Physical safety is addressed and mental well-being gets a boost when one’s dignity is maintained.

Fall Monitors

Prevent a fall by alerting a caregiver when someone with a risk for falling gets out of bed. Weight-sensing mats and pads notify the caregiver that assistance is needed, potentially averting a fall.

Hospital Beds

Using a hospital bed in the home can help both the patient and the caregiver. While most people automatically think about how uncomfortable a hospital bed can be, an upgraded mattress such as latex or gel, is often a welcome option. An adjustable hospital bed can also more easily accommodate an alternating pressure mattress which can help prevent bed sores. A height adjustable hospital bed also assists the caregiver more easily help the patient in and out of bed as well as administering care and providing clean linens. A caregiver with an injured back isn’t much use.

Patient Lift

When your loved one can’t move independently, a patient lift is a nice solution. Trying to maneuver someone who can’t assist can be painful for the patient and may result in bruising, as well as potentially injuring the caregiver. The sling gently cradles the patient, while the lift, whether manual or electric, does the work.

Trapeze Bar

When mobility becomes limited it can begin to change our sense of self. Limitations can lead to a loss of independence as one becomes more reliant on others for help. A trapeze bar either free standing or mounted above the bed allows the individual to pull himself up without assistance while also helping to maintain some upper body strength.

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