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Better Together

Scientific research continues to show that we are more likely to participate in exercise, more likely to put forth effort while exercising, and more likely to adhere to an exercise routine if we are exercising with friends. Our workout buddies provide very important social motivation. Having a group of friends to hold us accountable to our exercise routine is so critical to our long term success. Attending a group fitness class is a great way to experience the social aspects of exercise. You can also ask a buddy or two to sign up for personal training with you. Like many activities in life, exercise is better when we’re together.

Dr. Ayla Donlin is the director of the LifeFit Center @ The Beach, a health and fitness facility on the Long Beach State campus for individuals age 49 and above. Ayla has been active in the fitness industry for over ten years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, presenter, and master trainer. She is passionate about empowering others to lead a sustainable lifestyle of fitness and well-being.

LifeFit Center @ The Beach website:

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