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Crutch Alternatives

Old school crutches can definitely be uncomfortable. Regular use places strain on your upper back and wear and tear on your poor armpits. Getting around can be awkward as well as limiting. We feel your pain! Check out these crutch alternatives to make your recovery a little happier.

Mobi ergonomic crutches provide comfort and stability. Mobilegs make walking easier, safer and less painful.

Knee scooters are ideal following foot or ankle injuries or surgery. Knee scooters enable users to move themselves with one leg, while the other leg rests on a support platform. Knee scooters are ideal for folks who are unable to bear weight on a temporarily-injured or permanently-disabled leg.

I-Walk is a great solution for non-weight bearing lower leg injuries, freeing both of the users arms for regular activities, like carrying a cup of coffee, walking the dog, or traversing the stairs.

Microfiber crutch covers—Should you choose to use traditional crutches, the covers cushion and protect hands and armpits providing a more comfortable user experience.

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