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Hip And Knee Replacement

Hip and Knee Replacement

While few of us rarely look forward to surgery,  hip and knee replacement surgeries often result in the return to a more active, less painful life and that’s worth a cheer! Prior to surgery your doctor will likely give you a list of things to expect and items you’ll need to ensure an excellent recovery.

While we’re obviously not doctors, we do know for a successful recovery it’s critical to take your recovery and rehab super seriously.

Visit Mobül to see our great checklist of items that can aid your recovery whether you’ve had a hip replacement or knee replacement.  Stop by or schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable staff for help selecting exactly what you need. 562-343-7333

Here are a few items that may aid your recovery:

Lift chair rental
Hip chair for shower
Toilet seat riser with rails
Extended shoe-horn
Long-handle shower brush

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