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Incontinence concerns don’t have to limit your freedom or comfort.  We’ve got solutions.

Samples! Not sure which product and style is right for your needs? Take home a sample or two to be sure your needs are addressed before investing in an entire package.

Leaky pads? Thicker isn’t always better. What’s most important is the product’s absorbency. And, a larger size doesn’t mean greater absorbency. If it’s the wrong size, leaking will occur. For the most custom fit when standard sizing isn’t quite right, look for the products with the tape tabs as these can be precisely placed for a secure fit.

Booster Liners: Slim liners can be placed in an incontinence product or in underwear for increased protection.

Skin Protection: Barrier cream can prevent or heal skin breakdown caused by a product with insufficient absorbency.

We Deliver: Mobül offers regular, discreet home delivery. Give us a call or arrange in the store. 562-343-7333


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