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Leg Health

Leg Health

We don’t often think of our legs in isolation, but they definitely deserve some TLC. They work hard for us daily!

Have you ever wondered why your legs are tired, achy, and restless after working all day? All that standing and sitting reduces circulation in your legs thanks to gravity. Your legs are working hard for you! They’re responsible for getting the blood back up to the heart and they do that while working against gravity. It’s not an age thing, by the way; gravity works against everyone. Eventually you may experience swelling, spider veins, or even varicose veins. Paying attention to early symptoms can save you, and your legs, years of pain and exhaustion.

You can put some spring back in your step, boost your energy and keep your legs healthy by following these healthy leg tips:

1. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. Our circulation improves with physical activity, so GET UP! Take a short walk, climb stairs, or make an effort to move around the office. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing as this may increase leg pain and swelling.
2. Wear graduated compression socks and stockings. This will help keep your blood circulating, allowing more oxygen to reach the legs, reducing strain and fatigue. Today, compression socks and stockings are stylish, lightweight, and easy to put on and take off. Wearing compression is a pro-active way to take care of your legs during your long, stressful day.
3. Elevate your legs. At the office, keep a leg rest under your desk.

4. Work out. Regular exercise helps keep your body healthy. Some activities, such as swimming, walking, biking, and yoga are better for improving circulation.

5. Control your weight. When you manage your weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise, you are more likely to have less leg symptoms, including swelling.

6. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

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