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Mobility Equipment Is Too Heavy!!

Mobility Equipment is too heavy!!

If your wheelchair, transport chair, or rollator are nearly too heavy to lift, you already know you’ve limited your ability to get around and engage with the world. Who needs that?! Unfortunately, most of the Medicare (and other insurance providers) provided mobility equipment is too heavy!! It is likely steel constructed and notoriously heavy.

Fortunately, lighter weight products are now available to help you be more mobile. Some wheelchairs, for example, can weigh as little as 18 pounds with lightweight carbon fiber rollators weighing in at 12 pounds and travel walkers as low as 6 pounds.

Is your scooter or power transport chair too heavy for you to put in your car? Consider a car lift that will allow you to more easily transport your ride.

A lightweight portable ramp is another resource to consider, making it easier to push a chair or rollator into the car or house.

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