It looks innocent enough but the bathroom is actually the most dangerous place in the house. Don’t be a statistic. Bath safety is important! We carry a broad range of items from toilet seat elevators and shower chairs to bath lifts, integrated grab bars and bidets, to help keep you safe…and we’re not skimping on the style either. Wondering how something works? Come try our products in the bathroom we built right on our showroom floor.

Featured Bath Safety Products we carry:

▪ Bath/Shower chairs
▪ Transfer benches
▪ Sliding transfer benches
▪ Pivoting benches
▪ Bath lifts
▪ Folding shower seats
▪ Bath Mats
▪ Toilet seat risers
▪ Toilet safety rails
▪ Bidets
▪ Commodes: wheeled, drop-arm, heavy duty

Grab Bars
▪ Integrated designer grab bars: towel racks, toilet paper holders, soap dishes
▪ Standard grab bars
▪ Suction grip grab bars
▪ Bathtub grab bars

Come visit us in Long Beach to see more products, how they work, and how they can be installed!