Beware! …not all scooter batteries are the same quality, or power chair batteries for that matter. You rely on your scooter or power chair to perform for you when you need it, and using top quality scooter batteries is often the difference between easy mobility and aggravation. Many online retailers sell old or used batteries that will not last long. At Mobül, we only sell batteries from the leading battery manufacturer and we are usually fully stocked so you can take home your batteries today and get moving! We carry a full array of scooter batteries and power chair batteries including:

U-1 (35 amps)
12 x 12 (12 amps) available screw or clip
12 x 18 (18 amps) available screw or clip
12 x 22 (22 amps) available screw or clip

More power to you!

Battery Questions? We have answers! Check out our Batteries FAQ in our Mobül Solution Center.