Hospital and adjustable beds can often contribute to a more comfortable and smoother recovery. Should you need a hospital bed at home, know that Mobül sells and rents both fully and semi-electric models. We also sell extra-wide, heavy duty hospital beds. Not sure which type of bed is right for your needs?  Visit Mobül and review your options with our knowledgeable staff.  If needed for an extended period, consider far more comfortable gel or latex mattresses which work well on both hospital and adjustable beds.  A typical hospital mattress is definitely not designed for long-term comfort! Who knew a hospital bed could be so comfortable?! (Click here for hospital bed rental information.)

Keep the patient comfortable and the caregiver’s back safe with a variety of items including patient lifts, bed-rails, over-the-bed trays, bed wedges and trapeze bars.

Dreaming of a good night sleep? Don’t leave it to chance. Come into Mobül and consider one of our luxurious adjustable gel or latex mattresses that work well on either an adjustable base, or on adjustable hospital beds.  Sweet Dreams!

Visit Mobül to try it for yourself!