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Did you know that Mobül carries the largest selection of Golden Lift Chairs in Southern California? Did you know that electric lift chairs help a person more easily stand up (to a 70% standing position!) and get out of the chair? Golden’s Dual motor lift chairs also achieve a zero-gravity effect, relieving pain in the lower back, providing a therapeutic experience. These chairs offer lifting and reclining features. The dual motor allows multiple adjustments, enabling the user to find an ideal setting, including Trendelenburg, where the feet are higher than the head and heart. In this position, swelling in the lower extremities is significantly reduced. Many people with edema find this position especially beneficial. Heat and Massage are also options…ahhhhh. Take a look at this video which explains exactly why these chairs are so comfortable and beneficial.

Beware of buying a lift chair online. With Mobül’s large selection, you can try multiple sizes and styles of lift chairs to make sure you’re purchasing the right chair for your size and needs. A lift chair is not a one size fits all proposition. Two people could be the same height but won’t find the same chair comfortable if one is long legged with a shorter torso, for example, and the other shorter in the legs and longer in the torso. Some people find extra neck support critical, others find it unnecessary. If possible, it’s a good idea to try several chairs to determine which is best for you. With single motor chairs ranging from $750-$1150 and dual motor chairs ranging from $1,490-2,300, depending upon fabric and features, you’re sure to find the perfect chair!

Maybe you just need a lift chair temporarily?  A lift chair can be a life saver following a variety of surgeries for both the patient and the caregiver.  If that’s the case, know that we rent both single and dual motor chairs. Click here for rental information.

As for quality, it’s nice to know that Golden’s chairs are American-made, handcrafted in Pennsylvania. The frames, unlike a lot of furniture made today, are constructed with kiln-dried northern maple. They’re built to last.  The motor is quiet and the movement into each position is so smooth and comfy that you may never want to get out of your chair!