Consider a power chair (you might think of it as an electric or motorized wheelchair) when tight quarters warrant, or should you need a nearly full-time mobility assist. Power chairs feature a programmable joystick and provide refined movement control. A power chair is ideal for negotiating corners and small spaces. Lightweight models are perfect travel companions. Larger models which feature center wheel drive and articulating chassis, can be easily transported with a lift attached to the rear of your vehicle. Priced from $1,650-$3,600 depending upon features. Stay in the game!

When the need for a power chair is temporary, perhaps there’s an outing that will be more enjoyable with a motorized assist, or a temporary injury has made its use beneficial, for example, know that Mobül rents. Click here for rental information.

▪ Portable: lightweight
▪ Full size
▪ Offboard chargers

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