If you’re active, a sports injury is probably inevitable. Tweaked your back playing tennis? Elbow acting up after golf? Knee took a beating during soccer? Twisted your ankle running? We can help ease the pain with a variety of sports injury solutions.  Choose from support braces, splints, wraps, crutches, knee scooters, moist heat wraps, cold packs and tens machines.  Help is on the way.


Braces and Splints
▪ Shoulder, Back, Clavicle
▪ Ribs, Abdominal, Elbow
▪ Wrist, Thumb
▪ Knee, Ankles
▪ Hernia belts
▪ Maternity
Physical Therapy
▪ Therabands
▪ Theraputty
▪ Squeeze Balls
▪ Ankle Weights: adjustable
▪ Wrist Weights: adjustable
▪ Resistance handgrips
▪ Resistance digi-flex

Tens Machines
▪ Single
▪ Dual
▪ Mini
▪ Wireless
▪ Combination with back brace
Moist Heat Therapy
▪ Theratherm digital
▪ Thermaphore

Hot an Cold Therapy
▪ Joint wraps
▪ Back wraps
▪ Body wraps
▪ Ice-packs
▪ Bio-freeze
▪ Heated wands
▪ Percussion

To the left you can browse some of the sports injury products we carry, or come visit Mobül to see more!