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Sock Aid

Helps you put on your socks without bending over. Great for those who experience difficulty leaning forward.


Dressing Aid

Get help putting on coats and jackets with this dressing aid. We can show you how it works at our locations!


Button Hook

Make fastening buttons easier. Use with only one hand. Pass loop through hole, over button and pull through. Easy-grip wood handles.


Reduce Daily Struggles with Dexterity Aids

Whether it’s for a chronic or temporary situation, the right aid can make all the difference and that’s where a group of products known as, “Aids for Daily Living” play a helpful role.  Need help reaching? Bending to pull on a sock? Maneuvering a tiny button into its corresponding tiny buttonhole or grasping a zipper tab? We have solutions for these and many other concerns surrounding limited dexterity and mobility.

Featured Aids for Daily Living:

Kitchen Aids

  • Scoop dishes: plates, bowls
  • Bendable utensils
  • Ergonomic knives
  • Jar Openers

Dressing Aids

  • Buttoning Aids
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Shoe Horns: long handle
  • Dressing Sticks
  • Reachers
  • Shoelaces: coiled and elastic

Bathroom Aids

  • Lotion Applicators: long handle
  • Bath Sponges: long handle
  • Combs: long handle

Dexterity Aids

  • Easy key turners
  • Lamp switch turners
  • Door knob grips
  • Threading helpers
  • Magnifiers

Come visit us to see and learn more about Aids for Daily Living!

FREE Delivery & Assembly

We offer Free Delivery & Assembly on most items within a 25-mile radius.*

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