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Traditional Crutches

Traditional Crutches

TKW Knee Walker

TKW Knee Walker

The Nova Knee Walker is a leg caddy is for people with foot or ankle injuries, individuals having foot / ankle surgery, diabetics with Charcot joint disease, ulcers or other complications, patients with bunionectomies, achillies tendon problems, or foot reconstruction, and clients with neuromuscular problems, arthritis, or amputations.

Mobi Legs

Say goodbye to traditional crutches. Discover an entirely new mobility experience with Mobilegs, patient-friendly, comfortable crutches that deliver the highest level of fit, comfort and performance.

IWalk Hands-Free

iWalk Hands-Free

The iWALK 2.0 hands-free crutch is the best crutch alternative designed for people with lower leg injuries who still want to enjoy their basic daily routines but cannot while supporting their weight on crutches. The iWALK 2.0 makes everyday tasks such as carrying your morning coffee from counter to car, pushing a shopping cart, taking the stairs without fear, and walking your dog all possible again.


Less Discomfort, Greater Mobility with Updated Crutches and Crutch Alternatives

Foot and Ankle injuries don’t have to limit your mobility. Crutches and crutch alternatives abound allowing for continued and more comfortable movement. Consider crutch alternatives such as the iWalk, a knee scooter, or crutches with ergonomic handles and plush saddles. Come in and take a “test walk”!


  • Ergonomic handle crutches
  • Plush saddle crutches
  • Standard

Crutch Alternatives

  • iWalk
  • Knee scooters

Come visit us in Long Beach to see more products, how they work, and how they can be installed!

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