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Big Lifter

Big Lifter

A more economical lift that requires manually rotating the chair or scooter into the vehicle. Best when a caregiver is present.

Stow Away

Stow Away

The StowAway power transfer seat allows you to get into and out of the truck without modifying the cab. It's stowed discreetly under the truck in a durable, sealed box. With the press of the button the seat lifts to the height of the cab or returns to its storage box.


Outrider With StowAway

Outrider with StowAway

The Outrider is designed to work with a truck. Simply attach the Out-Rider’s docking device to your scooter or powerchair, press the button to lift and rotate your manual wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck's that simple!




The compact Curb-sider provides maximum power with minimal effort. It can easily lift and stow scooters and power chairs weighing up to 400 lbs in most vehicles.



A great exterior lift that holds up to 350 lbs. It's patented wheels swivel 360 degrees making it impossible to jackknife.

Joey Car Lift

Joey Car Lift

Scooter attached and ready, at the the push of a button, to glide up and into the van via the Joey Car Lift.

Joey Mobility Lift

Joey Mobility lift

When it comes to ease of operation, quality engineering and unsurpassed safety -- Bruno’s Joey interior scooter and powerchair lift sets the standard. Just drive your mobility device onto the platform, press a button and Bruno's Joey lifts your mobility device and tucks it gently into a mini-van or full-sized van. Lifting and stowing your scooter or powerchair doesn't get any easier than with a Joey.


Outsider Mobility Lift

Outsider Mobility lift

Keep all of your vehicle’s interior space for seating and cargo when you transport your scooter or powerchair with Bruno’s Out-Sider exterior lift. It’s durable, safe and reliable. For mid-wheel drive powerchair users, consider Bruno’s ultra-sleek Out-Sider MWD platform version geared specifically for you. Easily gain access to cargo space by adding the “Swing-Away” option. The Out-Sider is available for nearly every type of vehicle.


Bruno Mobility Lifts and Power Transfer Seats Make Taking Your Scooter a Breeze

Looking to remain independent? Don’t want to disassemble your scooter to take it with you? Or, maybe your scooter doesn’t disassemble due to its size. Our easy-to-install lifts make taking your scooter a snap. Do you want to carry your scooter or power chair inside or outside of your vehicle? Looking for a manual or fully automatic lift? To the left, view a selection of mobility lifts and power transfer seats with a variety of features. Get ready to rumble!

Mobül is proud to be an authorized dealer of Bruno lifts, the finest mobility lifts on the market.

  • Mobility Lifts
  • Scooter Car Carriers
  • Scooter & Power Chair Folding Carriers

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