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Tens Machines

Tens Machines

The AccuRelief Mini TENS Pain Relief System is a tiny compact electrical TENS unit that delivers powerful targeted and effective pain relief. This easy-to-use device is preset with a combination program that delivers gentle electrical pulses with two therapeutic phases of alternating therapy. With 15 levels of adjustable intensity, finding a comfortable level of relief is simple and quick. The unique design includes two gel pads which allow you to surround your pain, as opposed to other competitive TENS products that come with one adhesive pad. AccuRelief is available without a prescription and FDA cleared for safety. A simple, drug-free solution for arthritic, muscular, joint and back pain relief.

Stability Exercise Ball & Back Brace

Stability Exercise Ball & Back Brace

Stability balls and back braces are often recommended physical therapy products. The ball works to improve core strength and while the breathable brace provides excellent lumbar sacral support.

Physical Therapy Products @ Mobül

Physical Therapy Products @ Mobül


Mini Stepper

Mini Stepper

A pedal exerciser is a perfect alternative to traditional stationary bikes because they are portable easier-to-use and offer more variety because it can also be placed on a table to be used with hands. A Pedal exerciser can be used for upper and lower body exercises to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range of motion and coordination. Pedal exercisers are a convenient, affordable, time efficient and a perfect home exercise accessory. Use it to increase strength and improve coordination and circulation.


How to Retain the Benefits of Physical Therapy

You’ve invested your time and money at physical therapy working with a therapist. What will you do once you’re home to facilitate your recovery and improve your strength? We carry many products selected by therapists, including those for exercise, strengthening and pain relief, to help improve or maintain your situation.

Physical Therapy

  • Therabands
  • Theraputty
  • Squeeze Balls
  • Ankle Weights: adjustable
  • Wrist Weights: adjustable
  • Resistance handgrips
  • Resistance digi-flex
  • Peddlers
  • Exercise balls

Pain Relief
Tens Machines:

  • Single
  • Dual
  • Mini
  • Wireless
  • Combination with back brace

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