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Go-Go Folding Scooter

Pride Go-Go Travel Scooter

Enjoy up to 12.5 miles per charge and the ease of a scooter that folds in three easy steps. You'll be on the go in no time at all with this sleek and simple to operate travel scooter!

Pride Pursuit

Exploring the outdoors is a breeze with the combination of power, style and performance found in the rugged Pride Pursuit.

Quingo Flyte

Autoload your Quingo Flyte in less than 60 seconds! At the push of a button the Quingo drives and docks itself. You’re ready to go. Heavy lifting is a thing of the past!

Golden Companion 4 Wheel

Golden Companion 4 wheel

The four wheel companion features 10 inch wheels allowing for easy cruising and manuevering outside. It has a 350 pound weight capacity, easy disassembly, adjustable LED headlight; and ergonomic control panel design with a backlit battery gauge display and a battery range of 15 miles.

Golden Companion 3 Wheel

Golden Companion 3 wheel

The Companion offers plenty of leg and footroom, a 350 pound weight capacity, easy disassembly, adjustable LED headlight; and ergonomic control panel design with a backlit battery gauge display and a battery range of 16.5 miles. Options include a power-elevating seat.

Golden’s Avenger

Golden's Avenger

The Golden Avenger — a four-wheel, heavy-duty scooter — provides an impressive blend of rugged outdoor maneuverability while giving a smooth, comfortable ride over a variety of nature’s most challenging terrains. Durable and stylish, the Avenger includes a standard front basket, a full lighting package and an extra roomy seat with an adjustable headrest. If power is what you need, look no further than the Avenger. Featuring a 500 lb. weight capacity, the Avenger uses two NF-22 batteries that provide a range of up to 18 miles between charges.

Buzzaround EX

Buzzaround EX

A full size scooter that is still easy to disassemble and transport. LED battery gauge and headlight, wireless battery. Great turning radius. 330 lb weight capacity and 18 mile battery range.

Pride Sportrider

Pride Sportrider


Buzzaround Lite

Buzzaround Lite

Smallest. Lightest. Most portable Buzzaround scooter. Bet you wouldn't guess with those features that it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and more foot room. And that's not all: the new Buzz LT includes a charger port right in the delta tiller and a cushy, padded seat, tight turning radius and a smooth ride both inside and out. Lifetime warranty on the frame, two-year warranty on the drive train and electronics, and standard one-year warranty on the batteries.

There’s a common misconception that online retailers are less expensive than brick-and-mortar stores. Not True!

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Motorized Scooters Allow Greater Independence

This is how we roll… Stay in the game with our motorized mobility scooters. Portable scooters are priced from $898-$1,850 and large styles from $2,000-$7,000. We’ve got you covered with a range of styles, sizes, weights and portability. Whether you’re channeling your inner motorcyclist or need something that fits nicely in the trunk of your car, our scooters are performance driven with advanced technological components. Worried about transporting a large scooter? Our lifts make staying mobile a snap.

Beware of buying a scooter online. It’s important to find one that fits you comfortably. Experience first hand which features, such as suspension, 3 or 4 wheels, ease of maneuverability, are best for your needs. Avoid the hassle of an online return by trying before you buy. Remember Mobül offers Free Delivery within a 25 mile radius of our store. Come in, let us know where and how you’ll be using your scooter and we’ll help you determine which model and style is right for you. Take a test spin today!

Need a scooter temporarily? Trip to Disneyland? Visit with the grandkids? Cruise? Temporary injury? Mobül to the rescue….We Rent! Click here for rental information.

  • 3 Wheel
  • 4 Wheel
  • Portable
  • High Range
  • Bariatric

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FREE Delivery & Assembly

We offer Free Delivery & Assembly on most items within a 25-mile radius.*

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