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Transport Chair With Seatbelt

Transport Chair with Seatbelt

Transport Chair

Transport Chair

Transport Chair

Transport Chair


Enjoy the ride! Let Your Companion Push Your Transport Chair

We’re guessing you might not know the difference between wheelchairs and transport chairs. Here’s the low-down so you choose the correct one for your particular situation. If the person using the chair intends to use the wheels to self-propel, you want a wheelchair. A transport chair is ideal for the person who will be pushed by a companion. Regardless of who is doing the work, we think heavy steel chairs are so last century! Don’t miss out on a thing because your chair is sooo heavy that it’s hard to push and difficult to lift into a vehicle. In our lightweight and compact transport chairs, getting where you want to go is a snap. And you can get there in comfort!

To the left you can browse some of the models we carry, or come visit Mobül to see more!

Transport Chairs

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Deluxe—10” rear wheel for extra smooth ride
  • Flip-up desk arms
  • Top handbreaks

Come visit us in Long Beach to see more products, how they work, and how they can be installed!

FREE Delivery & Assembly

We offer Free Delivery & Assembly on most items within a 25-mile radius.*

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