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Getting around should be easy for everyone - and it can be. Special needs children and adults can travel easily and freely in lightweight folding chairs from Convaid. The patented design of these lightweight folding wheelchairs provides maximum comfort and durability. Best of all, you’ll get years of use out of your dependable Convaid Cruiser wheelchair.

Karman Ultimate Luxury Reclining

Karman Ultimate Luxury Reclining

Reclines to a full 160 degrees. Features 14″ transport style rear wheels for superior handling, a comfortable ride for the patient, and space-saving ergonomics for folding the chair when transporting.

Karman Ergo Flight Transport Chair

Karman Ergo Flight Transport Chair

By mixing aircraft grade T6 aluminum with a super efficient design, Karman designed an ultra lightweight, easy to maneuver transport chair, making outings a breeze.

Karman S-Ergo Lite

Karman S-Ergo Lite

S-shaped ergonomic seating system prevents forward slippage and distributes weight more evenly across legs and rear. Features 24" flat-free polyurethane tires, swing in and away footrests and folding backrest. 14 lbs in transportation mode. 250-lb weight capacity.

Karman S-Ergo

Karman S-Ergo

Features a folding backrest for transporting chair in a car, bus, etc. Height adjustable arm rests. Foot-rest swings in and away allowing for maximum safety when entering or exiting the chair.

24” Quick Release rear spoke, polyurethane, flat free wheels. 250-lb weight capacity.


Wheel Chairs for Free-Wheeling or When Needing a Hand

Whether free-wheeling or getting an assist from a companion, our wheel chairs come in a range of models, sizes and weights. Looking for a feature-rich experience? Look no further than our selection from Karman with their ultra-lightweight chairs, ergonomic seats, quick release wheels, height adjustable seats and armrests and splashguards. Wheel chairs just got sportier. Or check out our compact, Convaid lightweight folding chairs designed specifically for children and young adults who want to be active.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Compact

Come visit us in Long Beach to see more products, how they work, and how they can be installed!

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We offer Free Delivery & Assembly on most items within a 25-mile radius.*

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