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Remaining At  Home: Aka….Aging In Place

Remaining At Home: Aka….Aging In Place

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that when surveyed by AARP, most people said they would prefer to remain in their own home rather than moving, for example, to a retirement community. And that makes a lot of sense given how we feel about the place we’ve lived for so many years and the accumulation of memories and history. There’s a feeling of comfort that comes from knowing a place well. All those good feelings, however, don’t necessarily translate to a safe or “aging friendly” environment and that’s where the concept of Aging in Place comes into play. What can be done to make the current home the best possible place to live happily, confidently and safely? Here are a few ideas:

• Schedule a home safety assessment to determine what hazards exist and what issues are easily remedied. During a home safety assessment, for example, you may be told to remove throw rugs and to add night lights and grab bars to reduce the risk of a fall. Mobül can perform a FREE home safety assessment to help make aging in place a viable option.
• Check out our Fall Prevention tips to get a heads up.
• If you live in an older home, doorways might be narrow which wasn’t a problem until you needed an assist. Look for a three- wheel rollator which has a narrower profile and tighter turning radius to allow greater ease when maneuvering tight spaces. Also consider rollators that partially collapse to get through narrow doorways while still providing maximum support.
• If a wheelchair or scooter is now part of the equation getting in and out of the house may be more challenging. Consider a ramp that can be removable or permanent.
• Adapting your home to make it safer doesn’t mean it has to look institutional. Check out the great looking integrated grab bars, handrails, adjustable height sinks and counters and spa inspired bath chairs now available.
• Is bending or reaching an issue? Consider pull out shelves for the kitchen and bath, a well balanced step-stool with a handle for safety and support, or a “reacher” to make accessing things less difficult.

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