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Remaining Independent: Time To Turn In The Car Keys?

Remaining Independent: Time to turn in the car keys?

laughing elderly man with a zest for life riding along on his scooter
Is it time to stop driving? Worrying about how your loved one will feel when it’s time to turn in the car keys? Maintaining a sense of independence, dignity, and well-being is critical for mental health. Fortunately there are solutions to make everyone comfortable.

With the proliferation of transportation services like Uber and Lyft , it’s easier than ever to stay involved and engaged.

An electric scooter is another excellent option for staying mobile. With the variety of styles available there’s likely one to fit your needs, whether it’s a three- or four-wheel model. Many electric scooters disassemble into several component parts for ease of transport.

Are you familiar with a power transport chair? A PTC provides a tighter turning radius than a scooter and could be an alternative for someone who needs the ease of a joystick to maneuver due, for example, to a stroke or arthritis. A PTC also works well inside since, unlike a scooter, it doesn’t have a front tiller.

What to do about a large electric scooter or power transport chair that won’t fit in the back of a car? Mobül sells a line of top-quality car lifts that allow you to conveniently transport your electric scooter or power transport chair.

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