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Stepping On–internationally recognized balance training class

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Mobül University class, Stepping On, presented by Dr. Ayla Donlin of the LifeFit Center at California State University Long Beach, provided numerous excellent tips and information for improving balance and preventing falls. Stepping On, developed in Australia and implemented in the USA and internationally is considered to be one of the most effective falls prevention programs available, giving people the confidence to undertake their everyday activities safely. Participation in a program like Stepping On will help older people maintain independence and give them confidence in their mobility so they are able to undertake their everyday activities safely and without the risk of falling. Dr. Donlin and Stepping On recommend:

Daily Balance Exercises
Strengthening Exercises
Eye examination at least every two years
Looking about 6 steps ahead when walking to allow time to adjust steps to potential hazards
Pausing and removing sunglasses when going inside to let eyes adjust
Installing adequate lighting in the home
Removing clutter which makes hazards more difficult to see
Removing furniture casters and furniture with wide legs that intrude into pathways
Creating contrast between furniture and walls and curtains to help prevent tripping
Wearing safe, comfortable and supportive shoes

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