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Stroke: Suggestions And Support

Stroke: Suggestions and Support

 - a stroke word cloud concept with terms such as doctor, sudden, brain, bleed, signs, blockage and more.
When a loved one suffers a stroke everyone’s world is turned upside down. There’s a whole new paradigm for the stroke patient and the caregivers. Getting emotional support as you make your way through this journey can be really beneficial. Consider joining a support group. Many hospitals have a list of local resources. In Long Beach, Memorial Hospital offers help through their Stroke Support Association:

In addition, changes may be necessary in the home. Visit Mobül or schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable staff to review our checklist, “When a Loved One Suffers a Stroke”. We can walk you through the various options, arrange for delivery and set-up so you can focus on your loved one. 562-343-7333

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