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Struggling to Sit or Stand?

The inability to rise easily from or safely lower into a chair can happen for a host of reasons—medication, loss of strength in the glutes or quads, illness—among others. The absence of this once simple act can lead to feelings of sadness and a loss of independence as the individual must now rely on someone else. And, it’s not just a challenge for the “sitter”, as helping someone safely in and out of a chair can be a real strain on the caregivers own back, potentially jeopardizing everyone’s safety.

Mobül has several ways to make your life easier. Problem Solved!

Lift Chairs: The beauty of a Golden lift chair is the freedom it allows both individuals. Chairs rise to about a 70% standing position making getting out of the chair easier. No more plopping to return to the seated position—which, by the way, is the same as falling according to physical therapists. Simply leave the chair in the raised position after standing and then gently lean back, press the control and return safely to a comfortable seated or reclining position. (If lifting and lowering was all these chairs did that would be incredibly helpful, but wait! There’s More!!…

Seat Lifts: These work on a firm surface and provide lift assistance through either a manually-activated hydro-pneumatic or motorized action. Great to take to a movie or performance.

Security Pole: Tension-mounted pole provides a secure way to stand up whether sitting on a sofa, bed, toilet, chair, etc.

Stand Assist Tray: Provides two benefits in one with a tray that slides easily under a chair or sofa to hold food, drink, or incidentals, with a securely integrated-stand assist to safely reach a standing position.

Gait Belts: Helps prevent falls and back strain for the caregiver when assisting with a standing position.

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