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Style and Function…Who Knew?

Mobility aids don’t have to scream “I’m old” or, “It looks like I live in a nursing facility”. Increasingly companies recognize that design, style and function aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s some very cool stuff available.

Need grab bars or handrails? They don’t have to look institutional. Check out these:

Need a rollator and transport chair, but want to strut your stuff with something that looks a cut above the standard models? Check this out:

Looking to relax at the end of the day, get a little warm stone massage and enjoy the benefits of zero gravity? Pop on over to Mobül and experience our “out of this world” zero gravity chairs. All those benefits and style to spare!

Compression used to be a dreaded necessity, but not anymore. Check out the terrific selection of socks and stockings that look anything but dowdy:

Strut your stuff with a cool cane. You can find canes in a host of patterns and colors priced so well, you just may want several to coordinate with your mood or outfit!

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