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Trouble Pulling Your Compression On And Off?

Trouble Pulling Your Compression On And Off?

We felt your pain….and then we learned a few tricks. If you need measured, graduated compression, then you need to wear it. No point in buying compression socks or hosiery and then not giving your legs the TLC they need because it’s too frustrating getting them on. If you try putting on your compression socks or stockings in the usual fashion, frustration awaits. Try this instead.

1. Reach inside the sock and grab the heel

2. With heel in hand, turn the sock inside out so it’s folded down halfway

3. Place your foot into the sock making sure your toe and heel are securely in the foot

4. With the heel in place, grab the sock below the top band and pull it over the heel and ankle

5. Work the sock up the leg smoothing as you go

6. Voila! Your legs are happy and ready for the day

7. Are you a better visual learner? Click here:

Compression aids can also help. There are a variety of products that make sliding on graduated compression socks and stockings easier, as well as aids that when used properly help prevent runs in nylon compression stockings.

Visit Mobül. We can help! We recommend arriving in the morning Before any leg swelling begins, and we’ll walk you through the process and make sure you’re comfortable pulling on and removing your new compression-wear, before you head home.

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