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Universal Design and the Boomer

As a Boomer myself, I have had the pleasure of creating many wonderful design projects working with our dynamic demographic. Baby Boomers are looking for a big impact when they consider redesign. We have worked hard to attain the ability to rehab our spaces and enjoy good service. We want a customized plan that will allow us to age in place gracefully and remain a vital part of our local community.

Incorporating ergonomics into the home environment is important. The principals of reducing the wear and tear on our musculoskeletal system has long been a part of workplace design and should also be considered for aging in place. In the kitchen, for example, think about incorporating drawers at counter height with separated dish washing units as well as drawer fridges and microwaves, which can reduce bending and make items easier to lift. Adjustable height mechanisms are also available allowing one to raise or lower a sink or counter to accommodate different needs.

Cynthia Pastor

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