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YIKES! I Have Varicose Veins!

It happens…risk factors include pregnancy (ask us how we know??) and other hormonal changes, family history, age, gender—far more common in women—obesity and sitting or standing for extended time periods

What can you do? Glad you asked!

Take care of yourself! — elevate your legs at the end of the day, avoid prolonged sitting or standing, exercise!, and losing weight if necessary. Several times a day, elevate your legs to allow gravity to get those fluids back to your heart and lungs. How do you elevate your legs?

Easy! Consider a lift chair that can take you to the Trendelenburg position where your legs are higher than your heart. Getting into this position a few times a day can have significant benefits for leg health.

Using a wedge pillow is another simple way to elevate your legs. Grab a book, the remote control or just enjoy a few minutes of solitude while gravity gets to work helping your legs.

Compression stockings
Don’t make that face! Compression socks and stockings can really make a difference. We’re not talking the old-school, heavy beige stockings someone’s granny used to wear. There are lots of options from argyle and houndstooth knee highs, to all-season wool merino trouser socks, to sheer (yes, we said sheer!) thigh highs and pantyhose to performance wear for sports. Graduated, measured compression applies pressure to your legs helping with circulation, which lets you and your legs feel happier.

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